Winters in the northeast are brutal.  Below freezing temperatures can lead to expensive repairs if not handled properly.  FulKrum utilizes a comprehensive checklist to ensure your equipment will be ready to roll come springtime!!!


Growing the sport of Karting


One of the biggest challenges karting faces is the complexity of getting started. From figuring out the best class to run, to making sure you have all of the equipment and tools to compete can be a daunting task for any new comer. Even just showing up to the grid on time for your race can be a challenge for beginners.

FulKrum Competition Services has an array of service options designed to meet the budget of all racers.  Come race day, FulKrum has a team of experienced tuners/racers you can partner with to make sure you are prepared for every single time you enter the track.  FulKrum mechanics can help lay out all your tuning options in an easy to understand format simplifying your decisions throughout the day.  As your skills improve so does the level of support.



The most important part of any race week is the preparation that goes into getting a kart ready to race that week.  Prior to showing up on race day engines and axles should be pulled and the chassis thoroughly cleaned and inspected for any damage.  On the kart all settings should be returned to a known neutral setting and all bolts should be checked for tightness.  On the engine, carburetors need to be pulled and cleaned, clutches cleaned and inspected along with any other routine maintenance. 


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Looking to take your skills to the next level?  FulKrum has partnerships with some of the top area driving coaches and can coordinate a private or group track day to help beginners shave seconds off their time and advanced students precious tenths.  Using a combination of drills, lead/follow techniques, data acquisition and go-pro analysis, our team of experts help you better understand the secrets to laying down quick and consistent last times.


FulKrum's most popular service is it's trackside mentorship program.  For an affordable price per event FulKrum offers a shared tuning experience to make sure you and your equipment are performing at their best.  This program provides assistance with data collection, analysis and driver instruction.  

Drivers/Crew are expected to do many of the minor adjustments throughout the day, but any major changes or repairs are handled by the team at FulKrum